Looking Good shouldn't cost the EARTH

With a capsule wardrobe curated using my 'Style By Design' system, you're sure to stay stylish, confident and more sustainable like never before.

How Can You Help Me, Yifan?

Everybody deserves to look and feel beautiful 

No matter your age, skin tone or body shape.

Do you? 

  • Feel drab wearing the ‘same old’ clothes and have lost your identity. 
  • Feel invisible or hideaway instead of standing out and speaking up of who you really are.
  • Feel no great joy when you open the wardrobe door. Just confusion. 
  • Know we’re killing the planet but don’t know where to start on ‘Buying Less and Buying Better’.

This is why I developed ‘Style By Design’ system to guide you:

  • Unlock your authentic style.
  • Learn how to get more outfits out of fewer items with ease.
  • Feel empowered by your magnetic look.

AND we’re doing it sustainably. Because I know as a global citizen, we are in this TOGETHER - SAVE THE EARTH. And ourselves...

More About Me

Don't have a signature look yet?  

5 Ways (1 is FREE!) to work with me... 

FREE 5 Day Wardrobe Detox Challenge

Few times a year I run this challenge to help more women let go of what no longer serves them and bring back the fun! It's the best 5 days we can spend together. And it's free. 

I Need This!
1:1 90 mins Colour, Body or Style Session

Got a question like 'what should I wear on my LIVE show?', 'what colours suit me?' or 'what style type expresses my authentic self best?'. I'll have it answered in 60 mins!

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Style By Design + FB Group Support

Want to master the skill of simple, sustainable, everyday styling that turns heads? Join my 'Style By Design' with like-minded women. Let's make a wave together! 

Tell Me More!
1:1 Private Mentoring

A 30 day 1-ON-1 Self & Image Transformation program. It is for established business owners who are the FACE of their brand. I help them to uncover their magnetic TRUE self-image and uplevel their presence. 

Do We Fit?
Bespoke Couture

Want to have clothes designed and made for you that lasts many years or even generations? Be it for special occasions, statement pieces or wardrobe staples. You're in the right place. I have you all covered. 

Ooo, Like The Idea!
Work With Me

Ready to join my heroes on the 'Buy Less, Wear More' journey? 

Marie Cope

"Yifan has completely changed my life! Now I feel confident, sexy, and I KNOW I look fantastic!"

Lesley Escombe

"Now I look into the mirror and say - OH YEAH! That's me!"

Teana Woodward

"Clothes shopping is so much easier with much less wasted time!"

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