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Because they are a group of women who aren't afraid of CHANGE. They might face many challenges but their courage and determination to move forward for a better life and a greater world inspire me every single day... 

I cannot recommend Yifan enough; she has completely changed my life! I was in a dark dark place before Christmas and reached out to her to help me step into my authentic self. I wanted to reconnect with my inner self and define my true style. 

Yifan had more than helped me and continues to do so. Now, I feel confident, sexy, and I KNOW I look fantastic! 

Yifan has taken me from wanting to stick pins in my eyes at the thought of shopping to being excited beyond belief! That, in itself, is high praise. Yifan, you are my guru and I love you xxx 

Marie Anne Cope - Author

I cannot recommend  Yifan and her Style By Design programme highly enough.

I've changed the way I look at myself and have more fun with clothes. I couldn't face my wardrobe before but now I open the door and thinking 'who's coming out to play today?'.  

I now look into the mirror and say 'OH YEAH, that's me!' 

My friends thought I've lost weight but NO, just dress better!

Lesley Escombe

I did Yifan’s free 5 day challenge and very quickly realised she was a lady who knew her stuff when it comes to style and clothes. 

Having really felt a need to gain some further clarity and understanding on my style I decided to join her masterclass trusting her knowledge and expertise to guide me. It was the most amazing experience.

Yifan not only continues to show her understanding of colour, shape and style but provides detail and knowledge for each individual body shape helping you understand why certain patterns/styles and colours work over others.

Her platform offers a safe environment for discussion, thought and openness for anyone within it and creates the freedom to learn at your pace. More importantly you come out a more confident and comfortable you armoured with the knowledge of why, what and where your style comes from and is going to.

I’d highly recommend this masterclass if you have any doubts about your style, want to make changes but don’t feel confident enough and want to learn about changes you can make that will improve the way you feel about style and clothes on the whole moving forward.

Yifan has most definitely mastered what any stylist should but most often don’t - the ability to listen, watch and understand before she makes any move. While this masterclass is not just a walk in the park (you do have to do some work yourself), you won’t regret it - I certainly haven’t! Thanks Yifan. 

Sian Pelleschi

Chief Organiser & Declutterer at Sorted!


I wholeheartedly recommend Yifan.

I have done her 5 day detox twice. The second time this year I did it properly and got so much out of it.

I did 'detox' my wardrobe getting rid of stuff that I never wear, doesn't fit and never will, holds no emotional attachment or just didn't suit me.

I also considered my personal style and the look I want to express and concentrated on my work wardrobe as nowadays with a casual style permitted I felt like I lived in jeans 7 days a week which is fine, but I just felt drab and scruffy.

My workwear is now a vibrant kaleidoscope of jewel colours and I have bags of stuff decluttered.

Call her, Facebook message her, join her challenges. You won't regret it. Not only do you learn so much about yourself you get to do it with the loveliest most talented and stylish Yifan and a group of inspirational strangers who in turn extend your network. Amazing experience.

Even better book a colour analysis. Clothes shopping is so much easier with much less wasted time finding colours you just KNOW will suit you and also or saves money buying things you never end up wearing because they simply aren't your style!

100% recommend. 

Teana Woodward


I decided to have my colours done as I turned 50 and chose Yifan, who's interesting and informative videos I watch regularly.
Yifan had her work cut out because my mixed-race heritage makes my colouring unusual.
We had a great Zoom session where Yifan took me through all my colours and explained the thinking behind the palette she'd chosen for me.
It was a fascinating experience and I am glad to finally understand what colours work for me.
Yifan provides a colour chart that I can save on my phone for shopping trips, making the experience much easier and meaning I can now buy pieces with confidence, knowing that not only will the colour suit me, it will co-ordinate with other items in my wardrobe.
My session with Yifan was fun and useful, worth every penny and I would definitely recommend her services to anyone. Thanks Yifan x
Beth Penfold - The Change Coach
Founder of 


Work With Me

" I had my colour analysis with Yifan after she was recommended to me by a friend.

The process was easy to understand and enjoyable. Yifan went through the different palettes and explained which colours suited me best and why as well as how to pair up different colours.

She also asked me a lot of questions about the colours that I wore and took my opinions and comfort levels into account.

I had no idea that colour analysis was so psychological and it definitely explained some of the colours that I had been favouring in the past.

I can thoroughly recommend Yifan to help you style you to your best. I have already implemented colour changes and am feeling much more confident with my choices.

Yifan is a beautiful person, who puts you at ease straight away, I can't recommend her enough." 

Becky Ann

" I'd like to highly recommend Yifan at Atelier 5 by Yifan Nairn.

As a business owner myself, I regularly go to networking meetings and so I thought I'd treat myself to a styling and colour consultation as I felt after years of wearing black or white and workwear I needed to inject some colour and style into my life and wardrobe and not having much time when I shop I wanted a clearer plan of what to buy.

I must say Yifan is fab! She came up with some great ideas for me, together with colours I wouldn't normally go for. Yifan also gave me tips on how to find suitable styles quickly and not to be overwhelmed by the masses of clothes to choose from.

The consultation was brilliant and I can't wait to go shopping for my new outfits. Thank you so much Yifan x "

Nicola Henshaw
Henshaw's House of Cocoa

" Having had my colour analysis done twice and had two different results I was feeling a little confused.

I've known Yifan for a while and that she has a lot of knowledge and expertise in colour and what suits people. So I asked her to sort out my confusion and she definitely did. She has lots of different ways to confirm which colours suit you best and which don't. The results then become obvious!
She definitely clarified my confusion and I can honestly say she is an expert in colour analysis. I would highly recommend and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Thank you! "
Karen Taylor

" I had a Professional Style Strategy call with Yifan to help me improve my work wardrobe following a period of weight loss and with a view to advancing to a more senior position and reflecting greater authority in the workplace.

Yifan's preparation was really impressive - she took time to get to know me, my likes/dislikes and to learn more about exactly what I was after.

I found her advice and colour analysis incredibly helpful, and am beginning to both see and style my body in a different way following her analysis.

Yifan is friendly, supportive and professional - it was clear from the get go that she knew exactly what she was talking about.

I would highly recommend Yifan's services, and would not hesitate to consult with her again in future. "

Sarah Herdan

" I recently had a colour consultation at Atelier 5 Couture and loved it!

Yifan talked me through how the session would work, we discussed my current wardrobe/style situation, and then got to the fun part - trying the different colours! It was amazing to see how different colours could change how my face and skin look.

By the end of the session, we had created a collection of colours (darks, neutrals, and brighter colours) that all look great on me and, more importantly, make me look great! I was actually surprised at the amount of colours and the brightness of the colours that work for me - it was quite an eye-opening experience.
Yifan is patient and thorough with her consultation. And though she does use some of the traditional colour palettes (seasonal and/or tonal) she focused on my as a person, rather than putting me in a "box" to match a certain seasonal colour palette.
All in all a wonderful experience and I can't wait to go shopping with my new-found colour confidence! "
Sami Blackford

" I cannot recommend Yifan high enough for her Wardrobe Detox session.

She did great preparation work such as face and body shape, colour and mood board before we met in my house to work through my overloaded wardrobe.

After the session with her, I gained clarity, confidence and feel in control of my unique style. We worked out a quite large THROW pile items that don't suit me, never really liked or worn. More importantly, I got up this morning opened my wardrobe with joy and got dressed effortlessly with very little time. And I feel great!

For my next shopping trip, I will be very clear about what to buy and why which will save me time and money from impulse purchasing.

A wardrobe full of clothes and still had nothing to wear? Yifan is the one for you! "

Xu Xiong
Work With Me

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