Hello, I'm Yifan Nairn

BA Fashion Design & MSc. Clothing Management
I've always loved fashion, but I increasingly see the negative environmental impact the industry creates.
I also see the deep desire all women have to claim their identity, feel comfortable and confident in what they choose to wear.
Everything changed when I realized that I could use my 20+ years of fashion design skills to help women create an authentic, stylish and sustainable wardrobe just like I did.
Encourage them 'But Less, Wear More'.
One item at a time...
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My Story


When I was little, I was frequently hiding under my parent's bed (bigger hiding area!) after school practising knitting handbags. My love for handmade and creative work never left me ever since.

Growing up in 70/80s communist China taught me how not to be wasteful and more resourceful which shaped who I am today. 

In 2010, I married a Scotsman (hence my weird name combo!) in beautiful Loch Lomond wearing the wedding dress made by me. Naturally. 

In 2014, after having my youngest son, I started creating bespoke wedding gowns, outfits for bridal parties and prom dresses. I realised I was ADDICTED to seeing a woman’s eyes sparkle when their confidence and unique beauty shine through. BECAUSE of what they wear.

I asked myself ‘why can’t we feel like this more often? On a daily basis?’ That’s when I took further training courses to expand my service into colour & image consulting.

I’m on a mission to empower eco-conscious professionals to look stylish and feel confident in what they wear. I want them to know that having a sustainable wardrobe isn’t luxury but necessity. Through collective efforts of ‘Buy Less, Wear More’ we can change the fashion world and save the planet.

I stand against making sustainability a luxury, only accessible to those who can afford to buy organic or expensive clothes. I teach my clients to learn more about themselves and be more stylish sustainably.

Work With Me
Work With Me

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