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Simplify & Amplify Your Style

4 Weeks Group Coaching + FB Group Support

Want to master the skill of a simple, sustainable way of everyday styling that turns heads? Join my 'Style By Design' with like-minded women. Let's make a wave together!

You'll learn about your best colours, the most flattering shape of clothes, and your style personality. A wardrobe your besties want to steal! 

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FREE 5 Day Wardrobe Detox Challenge

Few times a year I run this FREE challenge to help more women letting go of what no longer serves them. I will challenge you to look inwards before improving how you look. I will challenge you to Buy Less But Better. It's the best 5 days we can spend together to get your wardrobe back in shape again.

I Need This!

1:1 90 mins Colour, Body or Style Session

Maybe all you need is someone offer some quick tailored strategy so you have the clarity you need to build wardrobe confidence.

Got a question like 'what colours suit me?' 'what type of cut flatter me?' or 'what style type express my authentic self the best?'. I'll have it answered in 90 mins!

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1:1 VIP Private Mentoring

8 weeks have me on your speed dial. This programme is for established business owners who are the FACE of their brand. I help them to design their magnetic look and uplevel their online presence. 

You have access to all 'Style By Design' modules and optional Facebook members group support.

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Bespoke Couture

Want to have clothes designed and made for you that lasts many years or even generations? Be it for special occasions, statement pieces or wardrobe staples. You're in the right place. I have you all covered. 

The link below will direct you to my bespoke couture service site Atelier 5 Couture

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Fancy Hanging Out With Our Community? 

Can't wait to meet you inside our free Facebook Group 'Style Me'! A non-judgy environment created for women just like you are on their journey to be more Sustainably Stylish!  

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