Style By Design Masterclass


Take the struggle out of planning your outfits! Get the know-how to DESIGN your SIGNATURE STYLE. Transform yourself from 'invisible' to shining your own light. 


Having an authentic signature style can attract and tell people who you are without speaking a word, so that you can be seen as the best version of yourself and make the positive impact you’ve always wanted. 

And owning an authentic signature style can be the most sustainable way to enjoy clothes without overconsuming. 

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Designing your own signature style is the best way to create a unique look that is true and timeless to you… and when you refine and amplify this look you become your own stylist and ditch the trend forever. 

💡 Learn everything you need to know about having a great personal style and more!

💡 Start building your signature style that turns heads! 

💡 Know and trust your own opinion about what to wear and own your magnetic look!


Why You Can No Longer Afford to Ignore Your Uninspiring Wardrobe?  


👉  You feel drab wearing the ‘same old’ clothes. You feel stuck in a rut. 

👉  You feel invisible or hide away instead of showing up with confidence and go after what you really want

👉  You want to look and feel more polished with better quality clothing but don’t know what to invest in

👉 You want to have a signature style that turns heads but don't know how...


Trust me you are not alone! 

It’s time to nail your style and express yourself with confidence that gets you noticed. 

Take my client, Marie, she felt for the last 20+ years she had not been owning her authentic style. 

She hated shopping. 

She believed wanting to look good was vain. 

BUT she knew there was a sexy, strong, self-confident woman buried somewhere under her concert tees and jeans, wanting to come out and play with the world.

She reached out to me for help, and  letting go of the clothes that were no longer serving her, she discovering her best colours and shapes, learned how to layer and bought a few new pieces to elevate her style.

She looks and feels like a different person. 

This is what she said after working with me. 👇👇👇

I cannot recommend Yifan enough; she has completely changed my life! I was in a dark dark place before Christmas and reached out to her to help me step into my authentic self. I wanted to reconnect with my inner self and define my true style. 

Yifan had more than helped me and continues to do so. Now, I feel confident, sexy, and I KNOW I look fantastic! 

Yifan has taken me from wanting to stick pins in my eyes at the thought of shopping to being excited beyond belief! That, in itself, is high praise. Yifan, you are my guru and I love you xxx


Marie Anne Cope (Author)

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I did Yifan’s free 5 day challenge and very quickly realised she was a lady who knew her stuff when it comes to style and clothes. 

Having really felt a need to gain some further clarity and understanding on my style I decided to join her Style By Design Masterclass trusting her knowledge and expertise to guide me. It was the most amazing experience.

Yifan not only continues to show her understanding of colour, shape and style but provides detail and knowledge for each individual body shape helping you understand why certain patterns/styles and colours work over others.

Her platform offers a safe environment for discussion, thought and openness for anyone within it and creates the freedom to learn at your pace. More importantly you come out a more confident and comfortable you armoured with the knowledge of why, what and where your style comes from and is going to.

I’d highly recommend this masterclass if you have any doubts about your style, want to make changes but don’t feel confident enough and want to learn about changes you can make that will improve the way you feel about style and clothes on the whole moving forward.

Yifan has most definitely mastered what any stylist should but most often don’t - the ability to listen, watch and understand before she makes any move. While this masterclass is not just a walk in the park (you do have to do some work yourself), you won’t regret it - I certainly haven’t! Thanks Yifan.  

Sian Pelleschi - Chief Organiser & Declutterer at Sorted!

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I cannot recommend  Yifan and her Style By Design programme highly enough.

I've changed the way I look at myself and have more fun with clothes. I couldn't face my wardrobe before but now I open the door and thinking 'who's coming out to play today?'.  

I now look into the mirror and say 'OH YEAH, that's me!' 

My friends thought I've lost weight but NO, just dress better!

Lesley Escombe

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Why Join The Masterclass?


Why don’t I hire a stylist or use the free personal styling service in some stores for a session and get it sorted there and then? 

❌ One session can only solve one particular problem but doesn’t give you the skill you need that’s long lasting.

❌ In store stylists don’t know you and your style story. They solve the surface problem. 

❌ Don’t provide the ongoing support you need. Developing your signature style is a journey not a quick fix makeover. 

❌ Stylists are more expensive if you need to hire them multiple times.

Why don’t I search online and figure it out by myself? 

❌ You can easily get lost in the information overload rabbit hole and wasting your time on searching answers don’t solve your problem. 

❌ Random information doesn’t have the structure you need to improve your skill as quickly as possible and those information aren’t tailored to you.

Why don't I spend money on new clothes instead of this course?

💰💷 How much money have you WASTED on clothes in the past that are hardly worn because they're out of fashion or you no longer like them after a few wears? Is filling up your wardrobe the solution? 

💰💷 How much money will you SAVE if you illuminate impulse buys and STOP buying clothes don't suit you for the next 5, 10 or more years??   

💰💷 How much your radiant + confident self WORTH to you? What would you go after if you were more confident?


Style By Design Masterclass is like no other program out there. I have designed this programme based on my fashion design/bespoke couture experience and working with 1-2-1 style coaching clients. It’s designed to deliver fast and lasting results.


It's about empowering you with all the fundations, strategies and tools you’ll ever need to design your very own personal style. A skill you learn and keep for life. YOU ARE YOUR OWN STYLIST!  

  • Looking the best you’ve ever been: No more confusion of what suits and what don’t
  • Dress to who you aspire to be: Find your authentic signature style and owning it
  • Be bold, be unique but still YOU: Have more confidence to stand out to be seen and heard when it needs to be without feeling ‘fake it until make it’
  • Simple, Sustainable Way of Everyday Styling: You’ll look and feel your best everyday but in a way that’s simple to do and easy to maintain. Buy less but better. 
  • Eliminate impulse buy: save you from wasting money on clothes that never get worn
  • Master your colour palette that all go together. No more orphan items in your wardrobe. 
  • Know your body assets and learn how to use them to your advantage
  • Learn how to put an outfit together with ease that comes with the ‘wow’ factor
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What's Inside The Masterclass?

I’ve broken down this program into 4 specific training modules. 

  • Module 1 - Unlock Your Style DNA. Discover your true style and dive deep to find out what makes you unique and how to translate it visually and to your wardrobe.
  • Module 2 - Master Your Colours. Discover your colours, create your own bespoke colour palette and master mix & match. 
  • Module 3 - Rock your body. Discover your assets and how to own them with confidence by creating a variety of best silhouettes for YOU. 
  • Module 4 - Ooze your STYLE with accessories. We'll tie what we've learned together with a BOW.


I believe 'We Are Not What We Wear', helping you to get to the right mindset about you and your style is my priority.

'Style By Design' is about creating a style from the INSIDE OUT. Empower you from the OUTSIDE IN.

What's The Investment?

Well CONFIDENCE is priceless, don't you think? Without the step by step guidance, you could spend more money building a wardrobe that doesn't bring you joy or give you confidence.

The investment for this priceless gift to yourself is ONLY $297 USD (approx £214 GBP).  

I’m keeping the masterclass numbers low so I can give each and every one of my members enough time and energy to help them get the result they deserve.

It’s  like a BESPOKE service for a group masterclass price as you get personalised feedback inside the group. Better than having a stylist in your pocket because you'll have the support from the other members inside the community. 

Your Investment is Fully Backed by Our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee! 

I want a happy client. Period. If you’ve completed all the modules and done all your homework, and still don’t know what your style is and how to put an outfit together with confidence, simply email [email protected] and we will work out how we can help you to improve your results or simply refund your investment.

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🎁 Private members-only Facebook group to get support from like-minded ladies and myself 

🎁 Access to recorded Zoom training with Toni Mackenzie, Psychotherapist & Mindset Coach. She designed this masterclass session to guide you take a look at your style choice from a psychological and emotional point of view and how to take back control.

 🎁 Access to recorded Zoom training with Caroline D'Arcy, sexologist and coach. She put together a special masterclass for you on 'Fierce Body Confidence' 


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Your Guide

Yifan Nairn

(BA Fashion Design & MSc. Clothing Management)

Hi, I'm Yifan. I'm a Fashion Designer & Style Coach. It's my mission to help independent, eco-conscious women to look and feel beautiful whatever their age, body shape and financial status. Use colour and style to help them put their best foot forward and make the impact their hearts desire.  

After years of creating bespoke wedding gowns for brides, I realised I’m ADDICTED to seeing a woman’s eyes sparkle when their confidence and unique beauty shine through. BECAUSE of what they wear.

I asked myself ‘why can’t we feel like this more often? On a daily basis?’ That’s when I took further training courses to expand my service into colour & image consulting.

With 20+ years in fashion, from working with Topshop supplier, luxury Scottish cashmere to bespoke one of the kind bridal gown, I've developed my skill in trend analysis, an eye for colour, detail, fit, quality and proportion.

My creative outlet has been designing bespoke bridal gowns and personal styling. I've helped many women stepping out their own shadow and became the best version of themselves. 

I'm an advocate of making fashion and style more sustainable by weaving ‘Buy Less Wear More’ into all my services. 

I'd love to welcome you to see you inside my Masterclass 'Style By Design'. 

Yifan 💋


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