Confident In Style

VIP Private Style Mentoring 


Learn how to attract your dream clients by projecting the CONFIDENCE you have in your skills with stand-out signature personal styles, online and face to face. 


Take the stress out of planning your outfits, get the know-how to design your magnetic signature STYLE. Be proud and confident as the FACE of your business and show up courageously. 

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Who is this for?

My 8 weeks VIP private style mentoring programme, ‘Confident In Style’, is for online service-based businesswomen who are the FACE of their business and are ready to UNLOCK their presence and earning potential. 

They are BRILLIANT at what they do, love delivering the best possible results for their clients and they are super proud to be the owner of their business. BUT, this confidence in their service doesn’t translate well visually when it comes to showing up as the FACE of their brand. The lack of confidence in their appearance is holding them back from showing up PERSONALLY + CONSISTENTLY which are the key ingredients to attract their dream clients. 


You could be a good fit for this programme if you:

👉  You feel drab wearing the ‘same old’ clothes that don’t project the smart, powerful woman you truly are

👉  You find all sorts of BS excuse not to show up online and be seen because the lack of confidence in your appearance

👉  You want to look and feel the successful self you deserve to BE and investing in higher quality clothing but don’t know where to start

👉 You want to have a signature style that turns heads but don't know how...


You are smart enough to know that although LOOKS aren’t everything, owning who you really are inside and out, loving the person you see in the mirror every morning is EMPOWERING! Your strong, confident self will be on display and VISIBLE. And this is when magic happens, people start to notice you and are magnetised by your presence. 


If you are 100% ready to stop finding fault with how you look and spend 2 hours before pressing that LIVE button, start putting yourself out there and showing up as your authentic self, and UNLOCK your presence and earning potential, you may find that this programme is perfect for you. 


I am extremely confident that you are going to see positive, VISIBLE change from the very first week we are working together if you are committed to this programme. 

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How does it work?

During this programme, we’ll work together via assignments and Zoom calls which are all recorded for you to keep. This 8 weeks programme consists of 4 weeks coaching and co-creating, 4 weeks mentoring and supporting.  

Here is what’s involved: 

We have our first Zoom call within 48 hours of signing up to the programme when I get to know you and tailor the programme for the next 8 weeks. Instant ‘online make-over’ on spot ironing out your immediate concerns so you can look and feel x10 more confident showing up online straight away. 

Week 1: Understand YOU and define your STYLE.

Via assignments and deep dive Zoom call, we will look into your business value, ideal clients, business branding (if any), YOU as the FACE of the brand, your identity, desire, aesthetics, self-image and beliefs. We will build a storyboard that includes all the elements that represent you and your business. I will then extract the elements to outline your authentic SIGNATURE style that speaks volumes to your dream clients. 

Week 2: Discover your best colours and silhouette.

The TWO most important aspects of having a magnetic signature style. I will help you to identify your best colour palette that not only makes you look healthy and radiant, stand out from the crowd and feels so YOU. We will cover your makeup and hair colour too. You will also learn which necklines, shapes of clothes suit you the best and why so you will always feel CONFIDENT in your own skin.

Week 3: Wardrobe detox.

We will go through your entire wardrobe and organise it to suit YOU and your lifestyle. Make decisions on what stays and what goes. We will identify the gaps and missing pieces that elevate your SIGNATURE style. No more guesswork, you’ll be shopping only for the RIGHT things from now on. No more waste of time and money. 

Week 4: Wardrobe planning.

Now you have everything you need to bring out your unique style. You will be able to put your first week’s outfits together like a pro, and feel the shift in your self-confidence. You will show up online consistently because you’re ready to make that BADASS in you VISIBLE! We will do weekly outfits planning via Zoom from this point onwards to week 8. I help you edit/tweak/refine your outfits so that they are of the best representing you and your business. I will teach you how to create your own style library so you’ll never fall back into that ‘I have nothing to wear’ trap again! 

Week 5 - 8: Implementation and accountability.

Now you’re more than ready to step into the NEW you, showing up on your business and personal page with unshakable confidence and start to attract new clients (or whoever you want to attract ;) The Zoom call from week 5 will not only include outfits planning but also an accountability call to making sure you are implementing and showing up consistently. 

Note that you will also have unlimited access to me via messenger App throughout the programme to ask me anything, at any time. (Monday - Friday).

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  1. Access to my group coaching  ‘Style By Design’ member’s portal with tons of style, colour theories and tricks.
  2. A follow up Zoom wardrobe planning for a different season. I.e. If you did the programme in Autumn/Winter season I will offer a Zoom call whenever you are ready to plan your Spring/Summer wardrobe.
  3. Option to join group coaching member's only Facebook group and join twice-monthly informal Live training and enjoy support from others.
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What's the investment?


The investment for this offer is UDS$1,800. I have a payment plan available. 

I’m confident that the right person for this programme will start to feel and SEE her confidence soar within a couple of weeks of working with me. This results in attracting the right people into their life and empowering them to show up and go after whatever their heart desires. 

If you are interested in this programme, simply message me and we’ll have a quick chat to see if it’s a fit for you. If it is, I can enrol you today and our first call will be within 48 hours! 

Click the 'Apply Now' button or email me directly at [email protected]

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