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Join the free Wardrobe Detox Challenge and start to fix your bulging or 'boring' wardrobe and make outfit planning effortless.

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Taking part in Yifan’s wardrobe challenge gave me a much needed opportunity to tune back into myself, take an honest look at who I am, what inspires me and think about my wardrobe in a more mindful way.

I hadn’t realised how I was hanging onto clothes from my old career which just don’t represent who I am now or how choosing a particular colour to wear in the morning can totally transform my mood.

Better still, the daily challenges were easy and fun to do and the other ladies who took part were fabulous and supportive.

Thank you so much. I would recommend this to anybody.

Caroline King (Communications & Marketing Consultant)

When I took part in Yifans 5 day challenge I knew it would be good because I knew Yifan was talented and thorough and I love my clothes.

However, I was unprepared for how much I enjoyed the daily tasks and how interesting and unique they were. For 5 days of lockdown I actually enjoyed being at home with time to get truly involved.

I would recommend this detox to anyone who wants to reacquaint themselves with their wardrobe and have a sort out.

Sue France - Networking Expert

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Hosted By: Yifan Nairn

💃 You'll start seeing your unique style that's already in you and learn how to simplify and amplify it to turn heads

💃  You'll discover a few best colours that make you look and feel good so you can let go of the rest with confidence

💃 You'll know your assets and learn how to use them to your advantage

💃 You'll have more room in your wardrobe and head so you can focus on more important things in life

💃 You'll learn how to organise your wardrobe effectively to make outfits planning effortless

You'll get access to our private challenge members only Facebook group along with everyone else taking part in the group.

Every day I'll share one action in the group for you to complete and post in the comment how you get on. 

Each task just takes 30 mins to do. I'll be on hand to answer any questions you have. And you'll meet like minded people just like you!

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What The Others Say During And After The Wardrobe Challenge

I have done her 5 day detox twice. The second time this year I did it properly and got so much out of it.

I did 'detox' my wardrobe getting rid of stuff that I never wear, doesn't fit and never will, holds no emotional attachment or just didn't suit me.

I also considered my personal style and the look I want to express and concentrated on my work wardrobe as nowadays with a casual style permitted I felt like I lived in jeans 7 days a week which is fine, but I just felt drab and scruffy.

My workwear is now a vibrant kaleidoscope of jewel colours and I have bags of stuff decluttered.

Call her, Facebook message her, join her challenges. You won't regret it. Not only do you learn so much about yourself you get to do it with the loveliest most talented and stylish Yifan and a group of inspirational strangers who in turn extend your network. Amazing experience.

Even better book a colour analysis. Clothes shopping is so much easier with much less wasted time finding colours you just KNOW will suit you and also or saves money buying things you never end up wearing because they simply aren't your style!

100% recommend. 

Teana Woodward - CertRBCB

I have just completed the Five Day Wardrobe Challenge with Yifan and it proved to be a revelation.

I’ve been needing to confront my ‘wardrobe’ for years and it was interesting to dive in and see what was actually there, why it was there and should it be there.

The ideas and feedback from Yifan and other members of the group were constructive and inspiring with support being given throughout the challenge.

I would highly recommend anyone to try this course.

Lesley Escombe - Retired Lecturer

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Let's Do This!

Maybe your eyes see a bulging wardrobe but your heart says you’ve nothing to wear.

Maybe you've tried 'reducing the pile' before but those sentimental pieces that are never worn still come back out of storage every season. And go back in at the end untouched.

Maybe you’ve wasted hours on Pinterest and Instagram but still have no ‘signature style’

Maybe you feel no great joy when you open the wardrobe door. Just confusion. So try another pointless ‘buying fix’.

Maybe you feel the ‘hit of the buy’ dissipates as soon as the tissue paper is thrown in the recycler.

You want ‘’that dress’’. The one you are known for. The one that jumps out on every photo in the album.

You know we’re killing the planet but don’t know where to start on 'Buying  Less and Buying Better'.

Hi, I'm Yifan, your host for The Free 5 Day Wardrobe Detox Challenge. I've helped many women to discover their authentic colour and style that make them feel ALIVE again. I hope you'll catch your eyes sparkle in the mirror when your very own 'a-ha' moment came. 

We’re in this together. More ambitious than ever to create a magnetic look for ourselves or just need expert guidance from an experienced fashion designer and style coach as well as helpful opinions and encouragement from others.

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